Welcome to Purple Drive.

We provide information technology services, consulting and Digital solutions to Enterprise, and System Integrators.  We work with leading corporations across US & India in providing staffing solutions.  We are known for finding the purple squirrels – a benchmark set by us on our ability to service cutting edge technology skill sets.  We build from people to teams with proven efficiencies.

We are a minority owned company.

Head-quartered in Irvine, Purple Drive‘s growth is a result of customer focus, relentless but balanced pursuit of business goals, and the quality of our people.

With proven processes and technology expertise that set the stage for successful maturity, we promise the best, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of smooth and productive workflows with quantifiable results.”


The result of over twenty years of  experience is the genesis of Purple Drive which understands the importance of being a trusted partner in consulting services to a practice-specific, delivery-driven organization that helps customer meet their IT objectives.

From our previous game as pure-play consulting company, we have graduated to technology-centric and practice-based business line, driven by a process-oriented fulfillment organization which understands customer context.

Our operations and finance teams focus on process excellence, cost control, and lean execution. Each business line is P&L driven with support and backend services being shared on a "shared services" model.

Being a US-centric. Minority-owned company, Purple Drive has customers in other geography as well, building on its US client base to increase its global footprint.

  • Exceed customer expectations

  • Employees are our #1 asset

  • Commitment to Deliver

  • Practice Humility 

  • Task ownership

  • Foster Teamwork

Why PurpleDRive

What we bring to the table is our understanding of our customer’s – their businesses, and their processes.  We have our ears to the ground and are able to deliver exceptional service levels.  We have spotted the trends in the newer technologies such as Digital, and have invested in skilled workforce.

Purple Drive's consulting strength lies in our ability to bring on board digital technology talent at short notice through a location-agnostic fulfillment model.

We have built stable, repeatable processes while incorporating location, resource, and customer-specific nuances which have helped us grow our business, irrespective of economic or technology cycles-always ahead of the curve

Our Key Delivery Strengths

  • Account management team averaging 17 years of experience

  • PMP and SCRUM certified project managers, with average 12 years

  • Extensive use of re-usable and integration frameworks

  • A vast pool of Microsoft, Oracle, and Java certified resources

  • Quick ramp-up and on boarding capability

  • Experienced recruiters and account support staff with significant experience in supporting similar engagements


Purple Drive has a seasoned management team which combines multi-functional expertise, experience in diverse geography and a track record of handling large customer engagements for over two decades.

Our repeat business percentage, client satisfaction scores and engagement tenures are reflective of our management's philosophy of setting the right expectations, standing by commitments, valuing relationships and, above all, successful execution of the deliverables committed.

Beyond business

We, at Purple Drive Technologies, are committed to employ our strengths and competencies to address health and education needs in our communities.

We are building a tradition beyond corporate citizens within a business. Our guiding CSR programs focus on Education and Health.  Diya Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. We are proud to note that Diya has provided over 80 children a year with scholarships, from primary to higher education. We believe imparting computer literary at schools is instrumental in excelling in today’s workforce environment. We have build computer labs for children who study in rural areas through Isha Vidhya. Our next initiative is to help the farmers and their families for education empowerment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is one area which Purple Drive has taken very seriously. We believe that there is an unwritten obligation to give back to the society the best we can.

Our recent initiatives  include donation programs to Shankar Netralaya, assists in education  of 100's of Children through their Non Profit and support through the ISHA Foundation.

A fixed percentage of our profits goes to CSR initiatives.


As a technology consulting company, to say people are important would be superfluous. Human resource development is a key focus area and a competitive advantage to Purple Drive as we build our organization for tomorrow.

Our accelerated training and cross-training programs and our deployment-oriented technology programs in the areas of mobility and data analytics are some of the direct interventions which keep our human resources above the industry markers in productivity, quality and revenue-per-employee metrics.

While the above are technology-specific, we also invest significantly in team building, bonding, and organization development initiatives throughout the year.

All human resource programs are aligned to one basic goal -- to make Purple Drive a preferred career option for people who want to grow with us!