Mobility Services

Our mobility consulting practice provides expert services to develop mobility application strategies for your organization – be it a start-up or an enterprise.

  • Media, Sports and Publishing

    Our Big Data team works with large service providers and end-client organizations in their big data initiatives.

Media organizations across the world, whether it is social media or entertainment and publishing, are vying to get the consumers time and attention, and face it, eyeballs.

The balance between customer-reach and cost effectiveness is very critical for success.

With our subject matter expertise and domain experience, we provide an end-to-end array of services across retail as well as Etail value chain from vendor management to channel management.

By leveraging our domain expertise and industry experience, we offer comprehensive customer-focused solutions that would help organizations manage their media strategy and stay competitive in the business.

  • Technology Consulting
  • Mobility-enabled Solutions
  • Application Prototyping and Development
  • Media Analytics