Mobility Services

Mobility has disrupted and transformed many enterprises today. It has helped companies’ unleash its power to expand offerings in an unprecedented way.    With new business models, and technology revolving around cloud, and analytics, mobile is the central force that influences the way any organization functions.

Purple Drive was one of the early movers dedicated in building a mobile center of excellence.  It was one of the few companies that established a Mobility lab for IOS and Android.  We deliver powerful, efficient, and secure mobile enterprise mobility consulting services to our customers.

We have the domain knowledge across multiple industries and have developed domain-specific mobile applications for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail

 Mobility and iot offerings

  • Mobile Application Management

  • Mobile Engagement

  • Network Security & Management

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Mobile Business Intelligence

  • Mobile Strategy Development

Oracle cloud services

Over the last three to five years, the global major Oracle has added more cloud based  solutions to an already impressive portfolio. This presents a significant market opportunity as enterprises standardize on some of their products.

Purple Drive is an Oracle Partner.  When you chose your path to cloud, either with software-as-a-service application or platform as a service, or Infrastructure as a Service, you will need a partner to who can come along in helping you do the transition.  The choice of Oracle products is stitched seamlessly in every layer of the stack thus giving you the flexibility and scalability. Purple Drive offers certified oracle consultants who will be a part of your implementation.

Purple Drive reduce the risks of the new product implementation, help with our knowledge base and, skill towards faster deployment with the least downtime and ensure successful product integration

Oracle cloud services 

  • Oracle Cloud Applications 

  • Cloud Migration Services

  • Data Migration Services

  • Oracle XaaS offerings

  • Big Data Initiatives & IoT offerings

  • Oracle Managed Services

UI/UX Services

Purple Drive has made considerable investments in building a team of high quality UI/UX professionals who make applications easy to use by focusing on the user experience.

Considering the data explosion on one side and the form factor limitations imposed by tablets/ mobile/emerging devices on the other, UI/UX Services is a growth area for Purple Drive

As applications and devices get more complex, providing a native yet intuitive feel across platforms requires a unique blend of creativity and technology skills with loads of user empathy.

UI/UX Solutions 

  • UI/UX design for Enterprise

  • Mobile Applications

  • Intuitive UX Solutions

  • Prototyping services

  • Creative solutions

  • Usability Testing & Research

Data Analytics

Big data, enables enterprise to make meaningful sense of their data creating blue ocean opportunities.   

Storing and managing the ocean of information is a challenge but if leveraged, can offer potential insights at many levels.  

Our staffing solutions have delivered people to teams of experts in  big data implementations.

Purple Drive has proven expertise with the best talent to address your big data challenges.  We have proven models that provide strategic recipes for success.

Data Analytics offering

  • Big Data Consulting

  • Big Data Testing

  • Data Migration Services

  • Big Data Managed Support

  • Big Data Security

  • Development & Implementation Services

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services, where we have significant market standing, is one of our earliest practices. Along with our technology expertise comes our ability to handle large client engagements with multiple stakeholders on tight SLAs.

Our outcome-based SLA-driven engagements have positioned us very well with large enterprise end clients.

We are totally aligned with the recent customer expectations of services which make a business and top-line difference rather than a simple cost-saving orientation.

The Services 

  • Helpdesk management

  • System administration

  • Database administration

  • Network administration

  • Enterprise-Mobility management

  • Data Center Admin Services

Microsoft Azure

Purple Drives' prerequisite is to hire the talent with Azure certifications. With our team, you can be guaranteed to have the best talent working on your cloud projects- whether it’s SAAS (software as a service) or PAAS( platform as a service).

Our Microsoft Azure solution enables you at all stages of your transformation journey in cloud.  They are evolving with the maturity model including code based library for your quick cloud adoption.

Purple Drives' Azure experts provide professional services to help our clients accelerate their enterprise-wide cloud adoption.

azure Services 

  • Infrastructure & Apps Migration

  • Managed Services

  • Azure Analytics

  • Azure IoT 

  • Mobility management

  • Testing Services