1. Get Hired

Get the right skills you need to build your digital future.

Ask Yourself

Would you like to be employable with specific IT skills?

Would you be willing to invest 60-90 days for your talent to be transformed?

Are you passionate enough for a career in IT?

2. Get Trained

Our training partners will initiate the training program and familiarizing candidates with the learning solution. Every candidate gets an individual training program license for close monitoring & reporting. The training program will be completely monitored and proctored by Purple Drive’s Academia team. Through our intensive coding programs, we turn developers into world-class software engineers.

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3. Deploy

We will showcase your skill set and help you get placed with our clients who are Enterprise, Product Companies and Leading System IntegratorsWe take the costs of content, training, on boarding, mentoring, proctoring, background check compliance, and interview logistics.

We set a highest standard of Service Level Agreements to our client thus providing immense value to the ecosystem.You will be subcontracted or rolled into our client’s full time roles depending on the requirements.

4. Engage

Our journey starts after deployment.  We will begin to continue our focus in enhancing your career options.

As Technology changes, it’s an important necessity that you hone your skills that are in- demand.

To facilitate, during the weekends or at your own free time, we will help you further your career in latest technologies thus making a commitment to be of a partner you can trust.

Training Courses Offered:
Course Overview

With this course, you acquire both the technical and creative skills to, code, build websites, and applications. Through our intensive training program, you will learn how to construct online projects across a variety of coding languages and technology platforms.

Who Should Enroll ?

           Candidates who are looking to transition to a career as a Full Stack Web Developer

          Aspiring web developers and web designers

          Other professionals who want to increase their expertise in the areas of web development and online product           development

What are the prerequisites?

  Basic Coding experience, Debugging Codes , Logical Reasoning , & Lots of positive Attitude

What will I Learn?

Fundamentals of PHP
Introduction to SQL Programming 
Intermediate SQL Programming
Server-Side Development 
HTML, CSS3, Javascript 

Why Us?
At Purple Drive, we are passionate in developing the right skills for people.

Our coaches and mentors are best in class. Our content delivery is cutting edge and the attention to detail will help produce better output.

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